The Enchanting World of Constant Rahking and embracing the Art of Sustainable Gardening

The Enchanting World of Constant Rahking and embracing the Art of Sustainable Gardening

Constant Rahking Focuses on Rare Cacti and Succulents, Helping Them Find New Homes in Eco-Friendly Vessels, Pioneering a Greener Path.

In a world where urbanization technology become dominant forces, as well as A place where environmental consciousness is paramount, there's an oasis of beauty and wonder that awaits those seeking a connection with nature's most exquisite creations. Welcome to the captivating realm of Constant Rahking, where rare cacti and one-of-a-kind pottery come together in perfect harmony. Embark on a journey of discovery as we unveil the enchanting world that pairs nature's botanical gems with unique and artistic pottery, creating a mesmerizing fusion of art and botany, and we are so happy to have their unique pairings here at Akin Cooperative.

A passion project turned botanical haven, boasts an extensive collection of rare and exotic cacti. With a profound love for these spiky wonders, the founders, Karen and Robert set out on a mission to not only grow these cacti but also educate the world about their beauty and significance in the natural world. Each cactus is lovingly nurtured, and every addition to their collection holds a unique story.

We will be highlighting a few of the beautiful pieces we have here at Akin that are looking for their new homes!

This Living Succulent Piece give off alien plant vibes. The Euphorbia Meloformis Variegated Clump has a yellow variegation making it a rare euphorbia. It sits in a handmade pot made by artist Paul Imahara

Haworth is Reinwartii’s are the perfect plant for any home. They can thrive in sunny to bright indirect light, giving you more options of placement than other plants. Handmade Porcelain Pot by Las Vegas artist Andi Goodman. The blue glaze also has splashes of maroon tones. There are specks and stripes for texture and slit showing off the decorative rock.

 Artist Hand Made Ceramic Peety Pablo; he is known for the texture he expands into the ceramic as he throws. Sitting inside a beautiful Hawarthia Retusa Variegated commonly known as Milky Way.

This handmade ceramic cup was repurposed as a pot for the tephocactus. We began creating our Living Succulent Art by repurposing different items that were no longer being used for their purpose and repurposing them into pots for their succulents.

*artist unknown


Swing by Akin Cooperative and pick one up, they’ll surely add to the beauty of your home!

Can’t wait to see you!

-Akin Co

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