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All Hours Sparkling Can | Subject to Change

All Hours Sparkling Can | Subject to Change

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Grape(s): 55% Zinfandel, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc skins

Vineyard: Rawles Vineyard (Redwood Valley), Rhodes Vineyard (Redwood Valley)

Method: The Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were pressed (separately) as rosé and fermented for a week on Chenin Blanc skins in S48s. The juice was transferred to a brite tank where it finished fermentation. The brite tank was sealed up before fermentation finished, trapping the CO2 from the end of the ferment making the wine naturally sparkling. As always, no fining, filtration, or addition of SO2.

ABV: 12%


All Hours is a completely glassless compilation of wine, currently canned in a single serving size (250ml) with the same wine you know and love from our cellar. Unlike our single-vineyard wines, the All Hours collection serves as a canvas for integrating the flavors and aromas of grapes from various vineyard sites. As always, All Hours wines will come from organically-farmed vineyards (or better), and have no sulfur or other additives whatsoever.

We hope that the essence and ease of the All Hours wines will help fulfill a desire for accessible, enjoyable drinking–wherever, whenever. There is no longer the need to feel guilty for opening a bottle when you only want a glass.


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