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Bikini Striped Cashmere Underwear

Bikini Striped Cashmere Underwear

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These bottoms will keep all precious things warm, comfy, and breathable! Adjustable ties on the side.


100% Mongolian Cashmere

Made in Mongolia

Hand Wash & Hang Dry

*Did you know, cashmere is naturally antimicrobial & moisture absorbing? We thought it would make a perfect material for our most precious areas. These have been a dream come true to wear! Try them out, we ecstatically think you'll feel the same. They are a game changer in the undergarment worlds. 

*Cashmere is an intelligent living fabric that is antibacterial & antimicrobial, absorbent and versatile.  In soil, cashmere biodegrades within 6 months. Through converting our clothing to regenerative materials like cashmere and wool, we are able to help heal the environment & ourselves through evolving our lifestyle.

*A Compassionate Khun Road Hearts Up: Each product is a unique piece, as they are handcrafted with natural fabrics. Measurements and shapes may be slightly different than description. 

*One-Size fits most (XS-L). Natural fabrics, like Cashmere & Wool, have flexible give and will contour to your body, comfort & needs. 


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