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CAPTAIN Interior Aromatic Mist 16oz

CAPTAIN Interior Aromatic Mist 16oz

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For every inhale, there’s an exhale. Look backward to move forwards with CAPTAIN, the scent that started SANDOVAL. Complex, timeless sandalwood echoes over ambient notes of herbaceous lavender and spiced bay rum, while grounding patchouli nods to the lingering influence of unforgettable generations. CAPTAIN pays tribute to history — recent pasts, hidden memories, and the familiar smell of a favorite grandparent. It is our tribute to the lasting power of vintage, inspired by 1970s heritage colognes and designed to linger like your fondest memories, long after guests leave. Inhale familiar company and look forward to the next unforgettable gathering.

Scent Notes : 1970s cologne. spiced bay rum. earthy patchouli. hand-turned sandalwood. burnt lavender. unmistakable childhood smells.

How to use : Shake well before use. Mist fresh sheets, towels, or sofa to refresh your space. Get personal with it. Scent a favorite sweatshirt or reinvigorate denim. Get up close, too. Spray overhead, then take a walk on through. Yes, you can use our aromatic blends in an essential oil diffuser. Experiment with your ratio of water to aromatic mist or concentrate to attain your ideal scent level and reap the aromatherapy benefits. 

Hand Made with fair trade, sustainably and ethically sourced essential oils. Free from synthetics, additives, or synthetic binders. 

Presented in a 16 oz. recyclable glass bottle. 

Each bottle contains rose quartz for self love and love for others, and tiger’s eye for grounding—
To keep the energy flowing. 

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